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Please take a moment to complete the quick questions below to log your vocal journey for today.

Please begin by imputing your name, email and selecting the date of the lesson in question...

How free & released did your voice feel coming into your lesson today?
Not free at allOnly a little bit freeSomewhat freeMostly freeVery free
Were you academically prepared for this lesson?
NoA little bitNot as much as I would like to beMostlyYes, very.
Did your vocal freedom improve over the course of the lesson?
Not at allA little bitSomewhatMore than I expectedSubstantially
Are you clear about the work you need to focus on for next lesson?
Not at allA little bitI think soMostlyAbsolutely

What was your biggest win from this lesson?

What was your biggest challenge from this lesson?

What do you now plan to focus on in your private practice, in preparation for your next lesson?

Please complete your lesson notes by clicking the Send Feedback button below...

Thanks for investing in your learning journey!

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