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As a professional vocalist, Megan is able to offer a wealth of knowledge in a multitude of genres helping me to be a more versatile vocalist. Megan works in a way that is encouraging, inspiring and really tailors her teaching style to each individual student. I am a visual learner and tend to overthink when it comes to technique and Megan knows exactly how to get a technique based response by using visual language for me. She is a believer that acting should influence the sound which has helped me grow not just as a singer but as a performer. Not only is Megan an incredible teacher and much loved by everyone she teaches, but is also a performer herself which gives so much value to her teaching because it comes from a place of knowledge and understanding. She is also someone who goes above and beyond with the effort she puts into her students and I feel so grateful and honoured to learn from her.

Shubshri Kandiah

Aladdin (Disney) - Jasmine

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In a very short space of time, Megan Shorey helped me unlock and hone different parts of my voice that I was unable/yet to discover. Not only did she help me find my voice, she helped me understand how to control it. What I find so valuable about the way Megan teaches is not just the technicality but how she stays true to my authentic vocal sound and has a clear understanding of artistry that she doesn’t change for each artist,  but helps shine. As a vocalist I can say that she has helped me discover what I am capable of on a technical and performative level. It is hard to find a teacher that gives this type of training and I thank her for getting me to an industry level to maintain this numerous times a week on tour. 

Courtney Monsma

Aladdin (Disney) - Jasmine Cover

Mama Mia (Michael Coppel, Louise Withers, Linda Bewick)


I studied with Megan for two years. Her teachings opened my eyes (and ears) for the first time to the nuance possible in the human voice. I'd always believed it enough to sing accurate pitches loudly. This is all singing was to me. Megan showed me otherwise and in doing so, showed me the standard of the world stage. She showed me colour, and pacing, and flow and a million different ways of finding emphasis without resorting to volume. She opened my eyes to possibilities of acting through song that I had never before encountered. I will always be grateful for my time with Megan Shorey.

Chris Fung

The King and I (Opera Australia & GFO)

Evita (Regents Park Open Air Theatre & The Jamie Lloyd Co. - UK)


Working with Megan on my singing has completely changed the way I view myself as a performer and what I am capable of achieving. Her approach really brings out the true voice of the individual, and allows the the best possible sounding ‘you’ to shine with confidence.

Emily Corkeron

Thoroughly Modern Millie

(The Production Co.)